A ∙ B ∙ C ∙ Desserts

An alphabet of sweet delicious treats

I am illustrating a different dessert for each letter of the alphabet, and in the process, merging my creative work with my culinary background in pastry. 

This is a project in progress. If you want to be notified when I post new work let me know by email me at: contact@andreagonzalez.info


∙ A ∙
is for Apple Tart

The Apple Tart is an iconic dessert. The first recipe was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381. Back in the Middle Ages, chefs favored tarts because they added color to banquet tables of kings and nobles.

During WWII, a popular slogan for why American soldiers were going to war was "for mom and apple pie." Today, the Apple Tart, remains a top dessert both at homes and bakeries around the world. Yum!


∙ B ∙
is for Bavarois

The Bavarois (also known as Bavarian Cream) is an elegant and light desert made of egg custard mixed with whipped cream and set with gelatine. It is often flavored with fruit puree, liqueur, coffee or chocolate. 

There is no definitive answer of its origin, but it first appeared on a book by Marie-Antoine Carême, a 19th Century chef who was ambitious, talented, and self-centered beyond belief.


∙ C ∙
is for Chocolate Bonbons

Chocolate Bonbons are like little pieces of edible jewels. Each is a magnificent combination of flavors, textures and shapes. Call me crazy, but I think that they are full of personality and artistic expression. 

Chocolate Bonbons have become a metaphor for the surprises of life itself. If you still doubt that they are magical, just ask Forrest Gump. He'll tell you.


∙ D ∙
is for Donuts

Homer Simpson loves Donuts, and so do millions of people around the world. Canadians have the most Donut shops per capita, and Americans celebrate National Donut Day each year on the first Friday of June since 1938. 

In the cartoon Mucha Lucha, the code of mask wrestling is based on Honor, Family, Tradition, and Donuts. It's hard to argue with that logic. A fresh Donut with a cup of coffee is one of those wonderful things in life.


∙ E ∙
is for Éclairs

Éclairs are one of those desserts that make French Pastry one of the best in the world. In Paris, Pâtisserie Fauchon creates glamorous Éclairs in honor of Paris Fashion Week. 

The traditional Éclairs are filled with vanilla or chocolate pastry cream, but some more exotic combinations include white chocolate and coconut, lemongrass and lime, pearls of honey with Chantilly cream, pistachio, and so much more.


∙ F ∙
is for Fruit Tartlets

Colors, textures, patterns and a world of fresh and sweet flavours make Fruit Tartlets just delightful to look at (and eat!). In the same way that medieval chefs used them as edible works of art, I have arranged my Tartlets in a way fit for a king's table.

There is an elegance inherit in Fruit Tartlets that is hard to beat. They are universally loved and most importantly, they are my brother's favorite dessert. 


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